Dream Divine mixed media on wood panel 3


I studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute, where I received a degree in painting and printmaking. I mainly studied with Bay Are artists Bruce Mcgaw and Larry Thomas. They both had a great influence on me and I'm indebted to both of them. 

In my entire career as an artist my work has always had an element of collage layered into the work.  I’ve worked both figuratively  and in abstracts.  All of my work, even the abstract paintings, have some kind of narrative in them.  

My most recent series of work started with one painting, (The Birth of a Nation), where I used the layering of images to represent the massive onslaught of the constant media flow, both in print and on television.  So much media that our brains start to short circuit and it becomes the white noise of subliminal messaging.  The vertical lines in these paintings represent this noise and the emptiness of information thrown at us every day.  As I continued to work on these paintings I also refined and continued to refine the visual esthetic and narrative in each painting.


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